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What To Expect from This Blog

After years of writing nonfiction as Rand Green, I have recently published my debut novel, writing as R. LeRoy Green. With this post, I am launching my new R. LeRoy Green Author Blog.

I also have blog on RandEditsRight.com called “On Authoring.” On that blog, I deal with any topic having to do with writing, editing, and publishing. I’ve been involved in writing, editing, and publishing for a long, long time, and if you want to read my thoughts on those subjects, that blog is a good place to go.

You may get some of that here as well, but not much. All of the experts say that most readers are looking for something different in an author’s blog such as this. They don’t want to read about how to write or how to edit or how to publish. They want to know about the author. So—trusting that the experts know what they are talking about, that is what I will try to give you here.

This will be a new experience for me, and just thinking about it has me tugging at my collar a little. I tend, by nature, to be rather private.

Truth be known, I write a lot about myself. But only in my journal, not intended for public consumption.

Now that I think about it, I guess I also talk a lot about myself and what’s going on inside of me. But not to everyone. Only to my wife and less than a handful of my closest, most trusted friends and relatives.

I’ve never even opened up to a shrink. Never so much as talked to one—not even back in the ’70s, when going to a psychotherapist was so fashionable that anyone who didn’t was considered weird.

In half a century of journalism, I wrote about events, ideas, and other people, not about myself.

Of course, writing a novel is always a very personal experience, so there’s a lot of me in some of my characters, and probably a little bit of me in most of my characters. But characters are always composites, and a reader never really knows what came from within the author and what was drawn from observation or, sometimes, simply conjured by the imagination.

But people who know about such things say that readers want writers to get personal in their author blogs. So beginning with this post, I am pushing outside of my comfort zone and embarking, with no little trepidation, on a new journey.

So what can you expect in this blog?

Just about anything.

I’ll share updates, of course, on my current writing projects and perhaps some personal insights into aspects of my already finished novels. But I may also share my thoughts, views, or personal experiences regarding just about any subject that interests me—and I have many interests.

I hope you will enjoy reading about them.

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